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MIZU Luxury Soap

ASAGI Co., Ltd.(Nagano)

ASAGI Co., Ltd. is engaged in production based on the corporate missions: “Add a modern touch to everyday Japanese culture and deliver it to all over the world” and “Value the bond between people.” ASAGI has been striving to support people who are suffering from atopic or dry skin due to the recent deterioration of the environment and mass consumption of supplements and medicines. An encounter with a company that holds a patent on extracting moisturizing ingredient from cocoons without using any chemicals enabled ASAGI to outsource a production of soaps that can be used by young children and elderly people with peace of mind.

-The rare floss silk used is bred in Nagano Prefecture, in a very dry area of the Northern Alps. It contains a highly effective moisturizer that is quite rare.
– The moisturizer is safely extracted with a patented manufacturing method. Sericin, the moisturizer, is generally extracted using chemicals. However, for this product, sericin is extracted through a patented method without using any chemicals, which is then left to age for 1.5 months. Also, this soap is safe as olive oil and honey are used instead of surfactants while food essences are used for fragrance.
– It is an environmentally friendly soap that can be even consumed by fish. Even if the soap ingredients are poured into rivers, they can bind to elements such as zinc within 48 hours in the water and become food for fish.

Mizuhiki, or lucky knots, are a way that Japanese people express their caring for others and omotenashi spirit. As the company is engaged in mizuhiki crafting, they are aware of the importance of bonds between people and value such spirit. Therefore, mizuhiki is used for the packaging to express that message. The colors can be customized.

ASAGI Co., Ltd.
2020 1st session Judges' Choice Award (Europe & North America) Special Distinction Award
Genre:Daily necessities
MIZU Luxury soap (60g)
MIZU Luxury soap petite (10g)
MIZU Luxury soap (60g) JPY3,800 (excluding tax)
MIZU Luxury soap petite (10g) JPY1,000 (excluding tax)