Koukin Fuji


Made in the hope to help preserve the beauty of Mount Fuji, a famous UNESCO World Heritage site, this product series is applied with antimicrobial coating to ensure safety and good hygiene.

Features of Koukin Fuji antibacterial products
1.Items feature Mount Fuji, a symbol of Japan said to bring good luck. Each item has a fascinating story behind it
2. The antimicrobial coating applied to the items inhibits the growth of bacteria with a high antimicrobial effect. It is a patented technology also used for medical devices, developed in response to increased safety awareness.
3. The series was developed through a collaboration of two local companies in Shizuoka Prefecture. Each item is meticulously handmade by craftspeople using technologies provided by the respective companies.

Each item is infused with passion
The items do not look heavy despite being made with metallic materials. The glass bead peening and plating applied enhance an elegant feel. The lineup meets various needs: For book lovers, there is a bookmark that uses a mountain trail as a motif. The Mount Fuji-shaped clips are perfect for daily use. The bottle opener is inspired by Diamond Fuji, a phenomenon that occurs when the rising or setting sun aligns with the peak of the mountain, and will jazz up any special occasion. For the dining table, the chopstick rests have taken inspiration from the mountain coated in pure white snow in winter as well as its natural beauty in summer. The multiple colors reflected on the surface of the rests express the various views that the mountain displays depending on the angle of view. The cutlery rest designed in a shape of the mountain ridge also expresses the outstanding natural beauty of Mount Fuji. Thanks to the patented antimicrobial coating technology, the soap dish and the toothbrush stand are hygienic, making them perfect for use in places like the bathroom and the kitchen.

2020 1st session Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
- Gold/Silver finishing
- Other options (engraving service of logo, name, dates, etc. is available)
- Cutlery rest (two pieces) JPY3,500
- Chopstick rest (two pieces) JPY2,400
- Kanzashi: Silver JPY2,000; Gold JPY2,700
- Comb: Silver JPY2,500; Gold JPY3,000
- Bottle opener: Silver JPY1,800; Gold JPY2,500
- Clip JPY420 (one piece); JPY1,200 (three pieces)
- Bookmarker JPY1,250
- Toothbrush stand JPY3,776
- Soap dish JPY4,200
(All excluding tax)