Alps Masamune Junmai Daiginjo

Kametaya syuzoten CO.,LTD.(Nagano)

Manufactured with the goal of “brewing the blessing of the Alps with all five senses”, this junmai daiginjo (the highest grade sake in Japan) is brewed according to the traditional kanzukuri method. The only ingredients are water and rice, a true embodiment of Japan’s natural blessings. Made using the pristine subsoil waters of the Alps and locally grown rice, and taking advantage of the Shinshu Matsumoto region’s climate, this is a truly unique product. The Miyama Nishiki rice is a sake rice specially produced by contracted farmers, who have reduced the use of pesticides to half the normal amount in order to provide safe and secure rice despite the need for increased control and care. Generous amounts of this special rice are used, which has been milled to 49% to remove parts that may spoil the flavor while keeping the starchy core. The rice malt is made by hand, with tightly controlled temperatures day and night to ensure the best quality. High quality rice is also essential. The mash of malt, steamed rice and pristine subsoil waters from the Alps are fermented at low temperatures over a long period of time to bring out the delicious flavor. The finished sake is rich and robust with rice essence. The soft aroma of the junmai daiginjo is further accentuated when poured into a wine glass. The refined sweetness is palpable, but does not linger too strongly after swallowing, so that just the flavor resonates. It is suitable as aperitif for a toast or paired with light-flavored dishes.

Kametaya syuzoten CO.,LTD.
2020 1st session Gold Award
Net weight
180 ml, 720 ml, 1,800 ml
180 ml: JPY509
720 ml: JPY1,944
1,800 ml: JPY4,000
(All excluding tax)