Kyo chijimi

Yamashiro Co.,Ltd.(Kyoto)

Kyo chijimi is made using 100% crepe cotton, creating an elasticated and dry fabric that is suitable for Japan’s extremely hot and humid summers. By strongly twisting the weft yarn during weaving, it produces a unique uneven texture called shibo. This texture reduces its contact with the skin, which is the secret to the material’s quick-drying and sweat absorption properties. Kyo chijimi is widely used as a layer underneath other garments in summer. Yamashiro Co., Ltd has made the chijimi fabric lighter by using thinner threads and added more stretch to make items easier and more comfortable to wear.

Yamashiro Co.,Ltd.
2019 Award
Men’s: Color or patterned suteteko underpants and shirts
Women’s: Wrinkled textured shirts and arm covers
JPY2,250-JPY12,000 (excluding tax)
Award winner for two consecutive years from 2018 to 2019