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A new style of funerary urn and memorial for pets, so that you can stay together. Pets are important members of the family. However, many sadly pass away before their owners. Recolle was produced in response to many pet owners’ wishes including wanting to take their pets to places they spent together even after they have passed away; creating a special place in the house to remember the pet; and wanting to not only enshrine and hold a memorial service for the pet, but to also feel close to them in everyday life. The product is designed to blend into your daily life as you continue to share your life with your pet after their passing.

kambara & Co.,Ltd
2019 Award
Available in three types:
BOOK: Two colors (Natural, Pale brown)
HOUSE: Four tree varieties (Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple)
Three types of decorations for the roof (Cross, Star, Circle of light)
FRAME: Four tree varieties (Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple)
BOOK: JPY30,000
HOUSE: JPY42,000
FRAME: JPY56,000
*All excluding tax