Developed in cooperation with a tanner engaged in leather product design and a sawing expert, CORINO 2.9-1.0 TPH is a tissue holder series that is innovative yet universally designed so that it blends in with any interior. All made carefully in factories around Japan, the series offers a variety of designs made using leather, steel and wood so that it suits to various spaces from high-class hotel suites to at-home living spaces and sophisticated offices. In addition, its unique new form has obtained a utility model patent. Driven by a sense of crisis over the cashless era, CORINO 2.9-1.0 TPH was brought to life in 2017 through a cooperation with a leather craftsman engaged in purse making. Emphasis was placed on creating an item of a universal design that was also attractive. At first, a prototype was made by hardening leather, but it was difficult to make a product without using a metal core. After six months of searching, the company finally found a small factory in Ishikawa prefecture that was capable of manufacturing high-quality core in small lots. In addition to the compact design and stability, practicality has also been enhanced by employing a steel tray for the lower part and an aluminum tray for the upper part of the holder so that you can smoothly pull out tissue paper. When the mold for the metal core was completed, the idea of making a metallic version of the product using steel came up. In this way, in 2018, the steel version that can be also used as magnetic memo board was launched. The sheet metal processing was done manually to make the best use of the unique properties of steel material.

2019 Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Leather: W255 X D150X H80 mm
Steel: W235 X D140 X H85 mm
Hinoki (wood): W260 X D145 X H80 mm
Leather: Aludo Kip Black, Gode Brown, Pegasus White, Pegasus Taupe, Pegasus Coral, Pegasus Navy
Steel: Matte Black, Matte Silver
Hinoki (wood): Plain wood, Fuki-urushi
Leather: Black and Brown JPY24,000; Pegasus JPY22,000
Steel: JPY8,800
Hinoki (wood): Plain JPY27,000; Fuki-urushi JPY47,000
(All excluding tax)