Kikka Earthenware Pot for Cooking Rice

Ginpo Co., Ltd.(Mie)

With Kikka for Cooking Rice, delicious steamed rice is easy peasy! Simply put the pot over a heat source, and when steam comes through the lid’s vent hole, turn off the heat, let it steam for 20 minutes and enjoy! A scale inside the pot indicates the correct amount of water to add and the two-layer lid structure ensures excellent heat storage and prevents boiling over. Manufactured at the company’s factory in Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture, utmost care is taken to guarantee quality through integrated production from clay creation to firing. Our hope is to introduce the great taste of Japanese clay pot-steamed rice to people all over the world.

Ginpo Co., Ltd.
2019 Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Three types: 2-go (1.2L), 3-go (1.8L), 5-go (2.6L)
Five colors: Lapis lazuli blue, Amber glaze, Oribe green, Clay white, Black
2-go: JPY3,780
3-go: JPY5,840
5-go: JPY8,170
All excluding tax
*Open pricing, manufacturer’s list price