Marshmallow Gauze®


The patented Marshmallow Gauze comprises three woven layers combining thin, soft, loosely-twisted yarn with durable yarn to achieve an innovative gauze material of incredible lightness and softness (patent No. 5534383). It also boasts superb heat retention, breathability and moisture-absorbing properties. This gauze material provides ultimate comfort at any time and is perfect for loungewear and nightwear.

2019 Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Pajama, loungewear, scarf, shawl, throw blanket, pillowcase, eye mask, items for babies (handkerchief, bib, gauze, hooded bath towel, baby bathrobe, cloth)
Pajama: JPY8,800 – JPY22,000 (including items for kids)
Loungewear: JPY5,800 – JPY15,000 (including items for kids)
Scarf: JPY2,500 – JPY3,500
Shawl: JPY6,000
Throw blanket: JPY6,000 – JPY20,000
Pillowcase: JPY3,800 – JPY5,200
Eye mask: JPY1,800
Items for babies (handkerchief, bib, gauze, hooded bath towel, baby bathrobe, cloth): JPY900 – JPY7,800
*All excluding tax
Gold Award winner for five consecutive years from 2015 to 2019