ROCOCO Co.,Ltd(Nara)

Add a little luxury to your day with high quality coffee that expresses the unique nature of Nara, Japan's ancient capital.

Created by a specialty store in the ancient city of Nara that has been dedicated to making delicious coffee for over 40 years, COTONARA conveys the hope of introducing the city to a greater number of people through coffee. This gift set of drip bags with four different types of specialty coffee express the uniqueness of Nara. Specialty coffee refers to coffee that exhibits the unique and distinct characteristics of the growing area of the beans, and the flavor meets a very high standard. You can feel the images of the city’s famous sites from each coffee type, all of which are produced by roasting beans procured directly from the farms. This high-quality coffee born in Nara will surely enrich your daily coffee break time.

Winner’s Voice

ROKUMEI COFFEE CO. は、古都奈良から自家焙煎スペシャルティコーヒーを提供しています。【COTONARA】は、奈良でのさまざまなシーンをイメージして創ったブレンドコーヒーを、簡単に楽しめるようにドリップバッグタイプにしています。世界中より厳選した素材を、独自の焙煎技術でまごころをこめて焙煎しています。いつでも飲みたくなる飽きのこないROKUMEI BLEND。「奈良の朝」で目覚める一日の始まりにMIKASA BLEND。一口飲むごとに新たな発見がある、個性的でユニークな特徴を持つKASUGA BLEND。一日の終わりに癒しを与え、リラックスタイムをよりよく彩ってくれるSARUSAWA BLEND。奈良で日本の文化が育まれたように、私達はスペシャルティコーヒーが文化になるように活動していきたいと思っております。

2018 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
Drip bag 4 sets (4 types × 1 box) 20pcs
1 box: 5 pcs (1 pcs: 12 g)
Selling price in online store: JPY5,000 (excluding tax) including shipping fee
Selling price in store: JPY4,400 (excluding tax) including in-store discount