Le Lectier & Kyoho juice set

Le Verger Yamayo Yamayo orchard(Niigata)

Premium juices created through community cooperation and the use of imperfect-looking fruits

Le Verger Yamayo cultivates several fruits with loving care, including Kyoho grapes and Le Lectier pears, also known as the “Phantom Pear” because they are difficult to cultivate and hard to find on the market. One of the problems of fruit cultivation is the fruits that grow into non-standard shapes or sizes. These are considered low grade and cannot be sold at stores although they taste exactly the same. These 100% pure fruit juices allow you to enjoy natural flavors throughout the year. In addition, fruits are also collected from other local farms with the aim to contribute to the local community by generating a profit for everyone, even through the use of non-standard fruit. The elegant, rich taste of the juices is just as good, if not better, as eating the fruits themselves.

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Le Verger Yamayo Yamayo orchard
2018 2nd session Award for Products
A set of 3 Le Lectier juice 180ml bottles and 2 Kyoho juice 180ml bottles
A set of 1 Le Lectier juice 500ml bottle and 1 Kyoho juice 500ml bottle
Net weight
180 ml × 5 bottles
Le Lectier juice 180ml/Kyoho juice 180ml JPY600 per item or JPY3,300 for a set
Le Lectier juice 500ml/Kyoho juice 500ml JPY1,700 per item or JPY3,700 for a set
*All excluding tax