TABERU (Edible) juice series

YAMANASHI MADE Inc. (Yamanashi)

Made using only fresh fruits cultivated in the rich natural environment of Yamanashi Prefecture, the TABERU (Edible) juice series was created in hope of offering a product that can energize people. After carefully selecting the fruits when visiting the farms, the juice is made purely using the entire fruit, including the seeds and peel, but without adding any additives, sugar, or water. Because the product contains seeds and peels, it is exxtremely nourishing, offering health and beauty benefits. It has a thick texture and a rich flavor derived from the natural sweetness of the fruits. You can also enjoy the different textures and flavors depending on the fruit. Experience this juice condensed with the flavors of fruit that is tasty to “eat” and good for everyone’s health.

Winner’s Voice

フルーツ大国山梨県の宝石のようなブドウやモモ。添加物や保存料はもちろん水も砂糖も一切加えず、女性スタッフの手で一つひとつの果物を丁寧にジュースにしています。本来であれば生産の過程で取り除かれてしまう栄養の宝庫である果物の種や皮を、余すことなくぜいたくに商品に詰め込みました。日常的に摂取することが難しい栄養素も「食べるジュース」を食べれば美味しく体内に取り入れることができますので、老若男女、どのような方にとっても嬉しいジュースであると自負しています。「食べておいしい 体にやさしい 美容にうれしい」をうたう私たちの食べるジュース。手にしてくださったお客様お一人おひとりの健康や美容に貢献していけたら幸いです。




2018 2nd session Award for Products
TABERU (Edible) Grape juice Muscat Bailey A JPY667
TABERU (Edible) Grape juice Kyoho JPY740
TABERU (Edible) Grape juice Shine Muscat JPY1,000
TABERU (Edible) Grape juice Fujiminori JPY740
TABERU (Edible) Strawberry juice JPY704
TABERU (Edible) Blueberry juice JPY1,000
TABERU (Edible) Peach juice JPY740

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