Balsamico SABA

Yamagen Co., Ltd. (Yamanashi)

Nadeshiko Farm has been cultivating grapes for nearly 15 years in the city of Fuefuki in Yamanashi Prefecture, known as the “Fruit Kingdom.” The balsamic vinegar Balsamico SABA was produced with the aim of promoting the development of a sixth-order industry for grape farmers. The vinegar is made entirely on farm premises, respecting traditional production methods used in Modena, where balsamic vinegar originates. Grapes used are those that cannot be sold due to scratches or other cosmetic reasons, even if the quality is the same. They are collected from local grape farmers to contribute to the consumption of local grapes. After aging the grape liquid in a large barrel, it is then moved from barrel to barrel, each made from a different kind of Modena wood. This is so the vinegar acquires the aroma from each type of timber. The time and effort invested creates the rich and intense characteritic taste of balsamic vinegar. Balsamico SABA is rare balsamic vinegar produced in Japan, which embodies hope for the future of farmers.

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Yamagen Co., Ltd.



2018 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
Our homegrown balsamic vinegars are sold by weight and come in different size bottles, which can be found in our website. Balsamico.SABA is a special product bottled in a traditional Italian balsamic vinegar bottle.
JPY2,300 per item (excluding tax)

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