Yamagen Co., Ltd.(Yamanashi)

A confiture with natural sweetness brought to life by a grape farmer

Recently, more people have become acutely aware of the health impacts of artificial sweeteners. With this in mind, this handmade confiture was produced by a grape farmer in Fuefuki city in Yamanashi Prefecture using homemade Mosto Cotto, a grape must syrup, without adding any additives or sugar. Mosto Cotto is made by boiling the farm’s original Yamatonadeshiko mountain grapes until the juice is reduced to syrup, which has a sugar content of over 60% and can be stored at room temperature. The confiture boasts a natural sweetness and uses Kyoho and Pione grapes in abundance. In addition, it is rich in polyphenols, which is another health bonus. The gentle sweetness and the home-made taste of this aromatic confiture will bring smiles to people around the world.

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Yamagen Co., Ltd.
2018 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY1,350 per item (excluding tax)