Mitsuoo Project Corp.(Kanagawa)

A chain wallet born from the experiences of the working mothers that brings smiles to all mothers

Mothers have undergone many changes during pregnancy, childbirth and through the care of their child, and have their hands full every day. Working mothers may be so busy that they lose interest in fashion. Created in hope of bringing smiles to working mothers, this chain wallet not only offers an excellent functionality but also boasts an elegant and simple design that matches every woman’s style. It can be worn as an accessory, making it suitable to carry around on any occasions. Not only does it let you carry the Maternal and Child Health Handbook in a stylish way, this wallet chain can also store pens, cards, and a smartphone, offering a superb usability. Rompbaby CHAIN WALLET is infused with the hope for bringing smiles to the mothers, whichin turn leads to the enjoyment and bright future of the family and society at large.

Winner’s Voice

Rompbaby (ロンプベイビー)では、何気ない日常の中で人に寄り添い"小さな幸せを感じてもらう"をテーマに、こだわりや気配りの溢れるものづくりを目指しています。このチェーンウォレットは、職場でも使えるシンプルなデザインに、働くママ達の経験から生まれたアイデアをプラス。ギフトにもぴったりなボックス入りで、特別なお祝いにも、ちょっとした贈り物にも最適です。持ち物をなるべく少なくしたい方にプレゼントすると、きっと喜んでいただけますよ!

Mitsuoo Project Corp.
2018 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
W215×L175×D30 (mm)
Milky Beige
Ice Blue
Macaron Pink
Black Black
JPY4,300 with a gift box (excluding tax)