MATABAY ,Inc.(Kanagawa)

Well-selected Uji tea and the package of a Japanese modern taste convey Japan’s tea culture to the world

Matabay has been dedicated to making Uji tea for more than 120 years. Concerned about Japanese people’s lack of interest in Japanese tea, KACHOFUGETSU MATABAY was produced with the aim to make Uji tea more appealing for different age groups both in Japan and abroad. This is a deluxe gift item that lets you enjoy two types of high quality Uji tea packed into a box designed in modern Japanese style. With black, red and yellow as the base colors, the luxurious package portraying Japanese beauty is certainly eyecatching. This exquisite set combines Uji gyokuro, the finest Uji tea of Kyoto, with a fresh scent and delicious taste, and Uji sencha, which has an elegant taste with less bitterness. While retaining the quality of tea leaves, this uji tea has a modern touch so that more people can enjoy it in daily life. It also aims at conveying Japanese tea culture to the world and passing it down to future generations.

Winner’s Voice

「花鳥風月 又兵衛」は、「世界緑茶コンテスト」にて金賞を受賞したギフト商品です。宇治茶は香り・うま味が特徴的な京都の日本茶です。この特徴を残すために、品質や味にはこだわりを持っております。爽やかな香りや旨味が特徴的な”日本・京都の最高級宇治茶”の代表「宇治玉露」と、苦味が少なく上品なうま味が広がる「宇治煎茶」を組み合わせた、宇治茶の代表的な二種をお楽しみいただけます。パッケージでは日本の商品らしくジャパネスク 和モダンを全面的に出すことで幅広い年齢の方を始め、海外の方にも宇治茶を手にとっていただくきっかけ作りとなるよう工夫しており、宇治茶本来のうま味を味わっていただけるよう「宇治玉露・宇治煎茶」の入れ方が描かれた日本語、英語のシートのご用意をしております。これからもより多くの方に京都 宇治茶の伝統の味を広めていき、未来に宇治茶を残すことを目標に社員一同努めて行きたいと思います。

2018 2nd session Award for Products
Decorative band: Available in various colors and patterns (red, blue, yellow, purple, green, black, pink, sky blue, yellow green)Can be chosen freely in the store, will be random for online sales.If it is difficult to register as random at the time of application to Omotenashi Selection, we will unify to one kind of pattern and color.
Net weight
Uji gyokuro 100g
Uji sencha 100g
Gift set JPY3,000 (excluding tax)