Hosokawa's happiness scarf

Hosokawa Woollen Textile Co., Ltd. (Osaka)

Hosokawa’s happiness scarf is produced by weaving ultrathin cashmere into a thin and light fabric, a typically difficult process, by a woolen manufacturer boasting a history of over 100 years. After struggling to find a twist yarn supplier, the company finally succeeded in crafting the scarf using an old-style loom. It is light as wind, offering a feeling of unique softness around your neck. A thorough after-sales service is also available so that the customers can use the product with confidence. It can be comfortably worn all day long without causing stiff shoulders and is easy to care for as it can be hand washed. The company offers repairs and a maintenance service free of charge for an indefinite period of time. Dyed in soft colors using only natural Japanese dyes, the exquisite colors are exquisite and can be paired with most things. The more you use it, the more you will be attached to it, as the scarf develops a gentle, worn look with time.

Winner’s Voice


Hosokawa Woollen Textile Co., Ltd.


2018 2nd session Award for Products
Stole (Large) W700×L1900 (mm)
Stole (Medium) W700×L1300 (mm)
Scarf W500×L750 (mm)
In addition to three size variations, each size has four dyeing variations (Aizome, Colcothar dye, Sumizome, Natural dye). All products are dyed using naturally-derived ingredients.
Stole (Large) JPY30,000 - 56,000
Stole (Medium) JPY24,000 - 36,000
Scarf JPY7,000 - 10,000
*All excluding tax

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