Hiragana (Tokyo)

While Japan boasts a beautiful, flowing syllabary called hiragana. Many Japanese people don’t seem to be aware of its charm and appear negative about using Japanese characters in logos and advertising. The hiragana jewelry series was created in hope of conveying the beauty of Japanese hiragana to people both in Japan and abroad. Calligraphy written by the designer (who is also a calligrapher) is turned into jewelry to express the beautiful curves of the hiragana characters particular to Japan. Each piece is painstakingly designed so it can be read in spite of its irregular form. A total of 50 variations are available, including “thank you” and “dream”. The jewelry is made of gold and silver, which is hand polished by an experienced professional to produce its beautiful forms. Hiragana is a series of innovative jewelry that makes us rediscover the greatness of Japan’s traditional characters.

Winner’s Voice




2018 2nd session Award for Products
Length (letters): 17 ~ 37mm
Necklace chain: Total length 450mm
Bracelet chain: Total length 170mm
Ring sizes: 4~15
Letters: Approximately 50 variations
Items: 10 items (pierced earring, earring, ring, bracelet, necklace, obidome, pins, tie-pin, brooch, cuffs)
Materials: Silver and K10 gold
Postcard JPY350
Mini towel JPY1,500
Pierced earring SV (one piece) JPY14,000 ~ pierced earring K10 (one piece) JPY26,000
Bracelet SV JPY22,000 ~ bracelet K10 JPY48,000
Ring SV JPY30,000
Ring K10 JPY70,000
Custom-made jewelry SV JPY75,000 ~ Pt900 JPY400,000
*All excluding tax

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