Regional Brand

Awajishima ultra-thin soumen Tenoito

Hachikatu Hase seimen Co., Ltd.(Hyogo)

Premium hand-pulled somen noodles made with domestic ingredients

On Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, somen noodles have been made using a traditional hand-pulling (tenobe) method for more than 100 years. Awajishima tenobe hoso soumen tenoito was produced with a desire to provide the finest somen using this technique and carefully selected domestic ingredients. The boiling time of this ultrafine somen is just 30 seconds. This thinness cannot be achieved by a machine — only by hand-pulling. It is also made with 100% domestically-produced ingredients, including wheat from Hokkaido, salt made from the seawater, and natural water from Awaji Island. You can enjoy a springy, smooth texture and a flavor that only ultrafine hand-pulling somen noodles can offer. Also, this extremely fine somen can only be produced during a short period during winter — only for a month in February. This is a premium somen, which was finally brought to life by incorporating the best technique and carefully-selected ingredients at the best time of the year.

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Hachikatu Hase seimen Co., Ltd.
2018 2nd session Regional Brand Award
JPY 600 per item
Gift set JPY 3,000
*All excluding tax
Net weight
200 g (50 g × 4 bundles)