Moringa power powder

Japan Trade Arch, Inc.(Tokyo)

A superfood that supports busy modern people while contributing to society

These days, many people are busy with work or socializing and can be careless about their own health. Moringa power powder is a superfood that supports the health and beauty of such people. The product was created based on the experience of the developer who was forced to stay in hospital for two months as a result of unhealthy lifestyle due to an excessively busy lifestyle. Moringa oleifera, a superfood known for being rich in beneficial nutrients captured his attention. Moringa has been processed into powder form while the taste has also been adjusted to make it easier to drink and continue using on a regular basis. Moringa used in the product is grown organically and imported from the Philippines, the native home of the plant. Moringa power powder, which not only offers health benefits but also contributes to creating new employing opportunities to local people in the Philippines, is a superfood that will shape the future.

Winner’s Voice

自分自身の寿命が何年先まであるかなんて、誰も分からないのが人生です。一人でも多くの方が、生きている間を健康で好きなことを全う出来るように、不足している栄養素をおもてなしたいという想いで創り上げたのが「モリンガ パワーパウダー」です。90種類以上栄養素のあるモリンガ を飲んだことが無い方でも飲みやすいようスタートアップ商品というコンセプトのもと、有機大麦若葉・ケールなど20種類以上の野菜とブレンドしました。モリンガ には、ビタミンC・カルシウム・GABAなどが多く含有されており、中でも花粉症を抑えると言われているポリフェノール、夏バテ予防に効果のあるカリウムが多く含まれています。水に混ぜて飲んでいただくことはもちろんですが、ヨーグルトにかけても美味しく食べてもらえるように工夫しました。資本である体を大切に守るために、毎日続けていただけたら幸いです。

Japan Trade Arch, Inc.
2018 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
200 g
JPY2,500 (excluding tax)