Kyutaro’s Jewel box of pickles

Nakazono Kyutaro Shouten Co., Ltd.(Kagoshima)

A set of Kagoshima pickles that breaks new ground for Japan’s traditional food and farmers

These pickles are made in Kagoshima Prefecture, where local vegetables grown by contract farmers include the famed Sakurajima daikon (Japanese radish). However, due to changes in modern eating habits, the consumption of pickles has steadily been declining. Located near Nishi-Oyama station, the southernmost train station of Japan Railways, Nakazono Kyutaro Shoten has been dedicated to pickle making for nearly 100 years. Kyutaro’s Jewel box of pickles is a set of pickles that has been made to suit preferences of modern people. Each package contains about 100g of pickles. Customers can select two kinds from a variety of pickles such as Sakurajima daikon pickled in sake lees, and domestic burdock root pickled in soy sauce, which are cut into an easy-to-eat size. In this way, it helps protect the future of Japanese pickles and farmers while letting you enjoy the flavors of Japan’s traditional fermented food with ease.

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Nakazono Kyutaro Shouten Co., Ltd.
2018 2nd session Award for Products
Kyutaro series
Sakura tsubozuke 120g
Kizami yamakawazuke 100g
ochazuke takana 100g
ochazuke plum 100g
tsubozuke 100g
domestically produced wariboshi-daikon karinko 100g
domestically produced burdock root shoyuzuke 70g
JPY900 (excluding tax)