The Box for appreciating The Roots [Ne]

Su Rue design (Shizuoka)

Neagari (exposed-root) bonsai is an ancient way of contemplating plants in Japan, which considers the root as part of the view. Roots [Ne] was created by reinterpreting this concept and adding a modern touch. The lower part is made using a transparent acrylic, enabling you to enjoy viewing the root of the plant. Its compact size and the simple design make it ideal for placing on small spaces in the room or office. As there is a cover that separates the upper and the lower parts, the product can be used in various ways such as for growing plants hydroponically together with fish or keeping small creatures without using water. The product also aims to contribute to the local industry by supporting manufacturers that are facing difficult times; therefore, production is carried out by artisans in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. With development based on the concept of “reviewing the old and knowing the new,” Roots [Ne] offers a new way of contemplating plants.

Winner’s Voice


Su Rue design


2018 2nd session Award for Products
Non-plated stainless steel version (low-price version) JPY11,340
Nickel-chrome plated JPY14,800
Gold plated on brass JPY16,980
Bronze JPY16,980
*All excluding tax

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