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Although ai (indigo in Japanese) is famous for being the source of the traditional Aizome (indigo dyeing) method, it has also been appreciated as a natural food since ancient times. The development of this product is based on the actual experience of the company’s president who for a long time suffered from stomach disorders. Upon recommendation, he began to drink indigo powder and his condition greatly improved. Through that experience, a determination began to grow in him to convey the greatness of indigo to the world, which led him to establish a company specialized in indigo products. Made using only indigo cultivated in Tokushima Prefecture, this decaffeinated JUN AI CHA can be consumed by everyone from children to the elderly with peace of mind. Indigo, which contains four times the polyphenols, minerals and fibers of blueberries, offers several benefits for maintaining heath. Its fresh taste is easy to drink while the tetra type tea bag is simple to use. This health tea is a perfect solution for the busy modern people who want to stay healthy.

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Junai Co., Ltd.


2018 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
1g × 30 per package
*Tetra type tea bag
JPY2,800 per item
JPY 2,520 for regular purchase
*All excluding tax

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