TSUTSUMU Document Case

SYRINX (Tokyo)

The SYRINX TSUTSUMU Document Case, which lets you smoothly take out documents on important business occasions, was brought to life based on the traditional Japanese aesthetic of wrapping, or “tsutsumu.” While the case generously uses a single piece leather tanned with a traditional technique in Tuscany in Italy, its simple design is the epitome of Japanese minimalism. The smooth, soft texture of the leather is pleasant to touch and with use, the color darkens, giving it a rich patina look. In addition, the case can also wrap a tablet or a laptop, offering a superb usability. Taking out documents and tablets from this premium case will surely exude a sophisticated aura on the day of an important presentation.

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2018 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
W225×H320×D30 (mm)
■Standard colors: 8 colors
Cammello (camel)
Giallo (yellow)
Fieno (hay)
Fragola (strawberry)
Bruciato (dark brown)
Lattuga (lettuce)
AgaveNero (black)

■Texas series (nubuck leather): 4 colors
Texas Noce (walnut)
Texas Lattuga (lettuce)
Texas Agave
Texas Piombo (lead)
JPY24,000 (excluding tax)

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