Premium Bottled Tea - Ginjyocha

SHIMODOZONO Co., Ltd. (Kagoshima)

Shimodozono is a tea shop founded in 1954 in Kagoshima Prefecture that sells loose-leaf Japanese teas. However, the flavor of the tea largely depends on the way it has been brewed. The Premium Bottled Tea Ginjyocha series was created in the hope of offering delicious brewed tea which everyone can enjoy at its best anytime. Using selected locally-grown tea leaves, every part of the manufacturing process has been carried out in Kagoshima. Only organically grown, fertilizer-free tea leaves cutivated on the shop’s own farm and local contract farms are used. The water used has been also carefully selected to bring out the full flavor of the tea leaves. In addition, its unique extraction method, which does not use chemicals or heat to eliminate bacteria, draws out a richer flavor and aroma with superior safety. Enjoy the very best flavors of the tea leaves at any time with this bottled Japanese tea series that brightens up your everyday life.

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2018 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
750 ml
3 flavors: Green tea (Kawanabe Green), Hojicha (Tarumizu Brown), Black tea (Yakushima Red)
JPY5,000/per bottle (excluding tax)

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