Lyric speaker

SIX INC (Tokyo)

In a time when we can enjoy music anywhere, listening to music while holding a lyric booklet in hand is a long forgotten memory. This speaker displays lyrics on a translucent screen to visualize the feeling as if the song is melting into the air, while still allowing audience to rediscover the meaning behind songs in a new way. It can be easily operated by installing the application on a smartphone and connecting to Wi-Fi to play the music. When a song is played, the speaker connects to a database in Japan and shows beautiful lyric visuals that are in sync with the song. Thanks to the real-time analysis technology, the speaker automatically generates motion graphics and fonts according to the song’s mood and structure. Lyric speaker is a new type of speaker that lets you enjoy the combination of music and words while rediscovering the true power of the lyrics.

Winner’s Voice




2018 2nd session Award for Products
Approximately W520×H350×D140 (mm)
JPY300,000 (excluding tax)

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