Natural alkaline hot spring water ZAIHO

ZAIHO CO.,LTD (Kagoshima)

Natural alkaline hot spring water ZAIHO is pumped from 1,000m underground of Tarumizu city located at the foot of Sakurajima, a volcano that is a symbol of Kagoshima Prefecture. Because the water is ultra-soft compared with tap water in other parts of Japan, it tastes mild and delicious even at room temperature. The water is suitable for not only cooking and making tea or coffee, but also ideal for preparing baby formula. Generally, mineral water is not recommended for babies as it contains an abundance of minerals which can put a burden on their internal organs. However, Natural alkaline hot spring water ZAIHO is safe for babies to drink as well as for children who have delicate palates and stomachs.

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2018 2nd session Award for Products
■Bag-in-box (BIB)
・20L JPY2,176
・10L JPY1,570
・12L JPY1,640

■Plastic bottle
・2L × 6 JPY1,722
・2L x 12 JPY2,748
・500ml × 25 JPY2,408
・500ml × 50 JPY3,910

*All excluding tax

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