Kouraku Kiln(Saga)

Breathing new life into Arita-ware to truly protect the traditional art

It is important to protect tradition. However, tradition is not only about techniques but also people who have inherited the spirit of tradition and the techniques that come with it. Based on that idea, Koraku Kiln, a pottery in the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture, is engaged in spreading techniques to young creators by allowing them to use their kilns. Through striving to convey the new possibilities of Arita-ware globally while keeping up the tradition art, the KOTOHOGU UTSUWA Arita-ware series was brought to life. The products feature animals known as auspicious symbols since ancient times in Japan. Produced nearly 30 years ago, the small plates designed with crane and sea bream motifs are one of the best-selling products. The turtle motif was jointly produced with a female potter in Yokohama with whom the head of the pottery met through a social networking service. The beautiful features unique to Japan, as well as the reliable techniques used for the KOTOHOGU UTSUWA series produce a synergic effect and offer new possibilities for Arita-ware.

Winner’s Voice


Kouraku Kiln
2018 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Small plate: Crane, turtle, sea bream (red), sea bream (white)
Chopstick rest: Crane, turtle, sea bream (red), sea bream (white)
Small plate JPY2,300 each
gift set of small plates (turtle & crane) JPY4,500
gift set of small plates (red & white sea breams) JPY4,500
set of chopstick rests (turtle & crane) JPY2,300
set of chopstick rests (red & white sea breams) JPY2,300
set of chopstick rests (turtle x 3) JPY3,300
set of chopstick rests (crane x 3) JPY3,300
set of chopstick rests (sea bream x 3) JPY3,300
set of chopstick rests (red sea bream x 3) JPY3,300
*All excluding tax