GENKAIDUKE Co., Ltd. (Saga)

The coastal city of Karatsu in Saga Prefecture that faces the Genkai Sea has a long history of whaling. Kasuzuke” also known as Genkaizuke, is made by soaking finely chopped whale cartilage into sake lees, and originated in the region in the middle of the Meiji period. Although commercial whaling was banned later on, the company has continued to produce Genkaizuke for over 100 years through the same traditional method since its founding, in hope of protecting the “taste of the whaling station”. It does this by using the by-product from the whales caught as part of the research program conducted by the Institute of Cetacean Research in Japan. As you take a bite, you can enjoy the unique flavor achieved by the savory taste of the sake lees as well as the crunchy texture of the cartilage. It can be enjoyed as a side dish to accompany drinks, or used in a variety of dishes. Packed in a can with a a nostalgic design that recalls the history of Genkaizuke, which was formerly produced for the Navy, its tasty flavor lets you catch a glimpse of Japan’s whaling history and culture.

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2018 2nd session Award for Products
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