Awaai Imokintsuba

Kurio Shoten Ltd.(Tokushima)

Imo kintsuba infused with local flavors that supports the future of Tokushima’s indigo farming

Tokushima is the home of ai (indigo in Japanese), but the number of indigo farmers continues to decrease due the lack of successors, among other issues. To address this issue, a confectioner specialized in Naruto Kintoki, a popular kind of sweet potato produced in Tokushuma, created Awaai Imokintsuba. He did this by using the prefecture’s two major specialties of indigo and potatoes, and with the cooperation with a local high school that actively implements training of new indigo farming generation. The edible indigo powder used in the sweet is produced at the high school where students learn and do everything from cultivation and processing, to developing products. In addition, blueberries are added so that their sour flavor enhances the sweet taste of the potato. The savory skin of the surface and the springy, smooth texture of the filling are brought out thanks to the traditional production method that dates back to the early Showa period. This exquisite Japanese sweet conveys the deep desire for the prosperous future of Tokushima.

Winner’s Voice

「阿波藍 芋きんつば」は、鳴門金時の菓子に藍の食用パウダーを練り込んだ点が大きな特徴です。鳴門金時と藍は、徳島が誇る二大素材。その2つを組み合わせて売り出すことによって、徳島の魅力発信にもつながればと願い、商品開発を行いました。菓子の美味しさや見た目の向上はもちろんのこと、徳島をイメージしやすいようにパッケージにも工夫を施しました。

Kurio Shoten Ltd.
2018 2nd session Award for Products
Net weight
Set of 3 pieces
JPY500 (excluding tax)