Golden Coloured Silk Clutch Bag

Okamoto Orimono Co., Ltd(Kyoto)

Carry around the ancient beauty of Nishijin textile in a handy clutch bag

Nishijin textile is a luxurious fabric traditionally produced in Kyoto Prefecture. Its elegant beauty has adorned the obi belts of ceremonial kimonos such as Kurotomesode and Irotomesode, and also used for decoration in Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. This silk clutch bag was created with the wish for people around the world to carry around the beauty of this exquisite fabric in a more casual way. Made with kinran, a fabric using golden thread, using a method that boasts a history of over 1,200 years, the stylish design with an elegant golden sheen matches both Japanese and western fashion. Focusing on function, its high practicality is also one of its many charms. Though compact in size, it can easily hold a wallet and smartphone in addition to items like passports, cards and lipstick. The traditional beauty of Nishijin textile, admired by many historical figures, has been adapted so it can be carried by hand to the world.

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Okamoto Orimono Co., Ltd
2018 2nd session Award for Products
8 types
*Bags can be made using silk fabric of your choice
Monstera and birds JPY44,000
Monstera (pleated ribbon) JPY42,000
Hemp leaf (“kugurase” ribbon) JPY37,000
Hemp leaf (“kugurase” ribbon) JPY38,000
Sunrise dragon JPY40,000
Dragon (pleated ribbon) JPY42,000
Insect (tied ribbon -center) JPY37,000
Insect (ribbon) JPY37,000
(All excluding tax)
*Box fee separate