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These beautiful pieces of jewelry are made using an original technique, in which buttons are covered with kimono fabric, then embroidered with spangles and decorated with birthstones. Each piece is completely unique, as the patterns differ depending on the textile used, and the embroideries are designed individually to match each pattern. The intricate brooches and earrings are only made possible through the high manual dexterity and attention to detail of the Japanese artisans. It’s an accessory both men and women can enjoy — men can wear them on the suit lapels. Furthermore, by wearing this jewelry, not only are you jazzing up your style with a Japanese touch, but you are also contributing to society, as part of the manufacturing process is outsourced to a support center for people with disabilities.

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if me Co.,Ltd.


2018 2nd session Award for Products
Brooch S Diameter 20mm
Brooch 3S Diameter 15mm
Pierced earring Diameter 15mm
Earring 3S Diameter 15mm
Brooch S JPY4,000
Brooch 3S JPY3,000
Pierced earrings 3S JPY5,000
Earrings 3S JPY5,000
*All excluding tax

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