ICCIKU Culture Value Inc. (Tokyo)

Bamboo was once one of the main materials used for traditional crafts and was inseparable from the daily lives of Japanese people. However, due to a decrease in demand, neglected bamboo groves are on the rise today. Developed with the purpose of revisiting the value of bamboo, BAMBOO COOLER allows people to rediscover bamboo’s artistic quality and cooling effect. Simply insert a chilled bottle into the cooler, and enjoy the transformation in aroma and flavor as the temperature gradually changes. It is also drip-free as it doesn’t require ice water to keep the bottle cool, allowing for stress-free bottle serving. The elegant look of the bamboo creates a picturesque scene just by placing it on the table. Using bamboo grown in Kyoto, the product is made using the three traditional skills of identifying bamboo quality, removing the natural oils, and curving, which offers new possiblities for bamboo.

Winner’s Voice

千利休から広がった「花竹入」。竹を伐り出す職人・加工する職人も激減し、竹山は荒れ果てて、消えようとしている文化。その文化を継承し、竹の有効活用・雇用機会の創出を実現しようと、BAMBOO COOLERを誕生させました。人の生きる道、竹の生き方に似ています。1個1個表情が異なる手作り品。BAMBOO COOLERへ冷えたボトルを挿入して使う、氷水を使わないスタイル。見た目の美しさだけでなく、ボトルを注ぐ時の所作にも美しさを演出。いつもの食卓に置くだけで、新たの景色を作る。人生の節目を刻む、贈り物。お世話になった方、頑張った自分へ、その時の想いを刻む一品。ぜひ、触れて・見て・感じて、BAMBOO COOLERの温もりを。

ICCIKU Culture Value Inc.



2018 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
ICCIKU: H410mm x Diameter 120-130mm, Weight approx. 500-850g
TOWA: H410mm x Diameter 110-120mm, Weight approx. 500-650g
HIYAKU [Long Type]: H300mm x Diameter 110-120mm, Weight approx. 450-550g
HIYAKU [Short Type]: H300mm x Diameter 95-110mm, Weight approx. 450-550g
*Sizes vary with individual items
TOWA JPY25,000
HIYAKU [Long Type] JPY18,000
HIYAKU [Short Type] JPY15,000
*All excluding tax

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