Aroma Confiture The Set of 3

Atrium Co., Ltd.(Ehime)

Citrus delicacy from Ehime rejuvenates your soul

In today’s society, many people live coping with various forms of stress, which can tire you out and disrupt your wellbeing both mentally and physically. Fragrance is a useful remedy to reset such fatigue. Aroma Confiture Thé was developed by an aroma coordinator who has years of professional experience healing busy modern people through the use of fragrances. These citrus confitures combine specially selected herbs with citrus fruits grown mainly on organic farms located around Yawatahama, Ehime Prefecture. they can be enjoyed as jam, or also as herbal tea by simply adding hot water to fully experience the aroma and the ingredients’ natural sweetness. Whether you have it for breakfast, tea or anytime you need a little break, the confiture’s soothing aroma will be a comforting companion in your daily life.

Winner’s Voice


Atrium Co., Ltd.
2018 2nd session Award for Products
Set of three confitures:Aroma Confiture Mandarin orange (Relaxation),Aroma Confiture Citrus (Beauty),Aroma Confiture Lemon (Heureux)
Net weight
130g × 3 bottles
JPY3,000 (excluding tax)
*shipping JPY600 (excluding tax)