Made in Ryogoku AZUMAYA marua rana (Tokyo)

AZUMAYA, a small leather goods specialty store established in Ryogoku, Tokyo in 1914, marked its 100th anniversary with the creation of this oshiguchi (press opening) genuine leather accessory. Oshiguchi, a technique used to fit a metal clasp and frame on the inside of the case, requires years of experience and skills that only a handful of craftsmen possess today. Therefore, this product also embodies the hope for the technique to be carried over to future generations. Cowhide is used on the surface while the inner side is lined with pig suede. The polka-dot pattern is named Maru-A, for the silk print encircling the first Japanese letter of Azumaya, is designed with the image of the local area in mind. The functional and simple design is easy to use for both women and men. In addition to its use as a wallet or coin purse, it can also store various accessories such as hanko (signature stamps) and keys. Full of local flavor and originality, this exceptional leather case conveys the Japanese spirit of monozukuri (craftsmanship).

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2018 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Large 110×65×12 (mm)
Small 85×70×12 (mm)
BIANCO x gray, BIANCO x silver, BIANCO x gold, BIANCO x redNERO x gold, NERO x silver, NERO x redMARLBORO x white, MARLBORO x gold, MARLBORO x silverCAMEL x white, CAMEL x gold
*We are planning to launch new color variations from time to time
Large JPY6,300
Small JPY5,800
*All excluding tax

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