Congratulatory envelope transformed to pen case

Actilife inc. (Fukui)

This congratulatory envelope transforms into a pencil case and was developed by utilizing knowhow nurtured through a recycling business over 10 years. In today’s consumer heavy society, congratulatory envelopes are inevitably thrown away after use despite their beautiful appearance. This product enables the receiver to keep the congratulatory envelope together with a great memory for a long time by transforming into a pencil case. The fabric of the product is made of 100% domestic materials, and the inner bag and front paper strip are made using Echizen Japanese paper, which has a tradition dating back over 1,500 years. The decorative cord is sewed on by hand by craftsmen. Because turning a congratulatory envelop into a pencil case was a new and innovative idea, it required much trial and error. Owing to advanced sewing techniques, the company finally succeeded in commercializing this innovative product, which lets you treasure and remember the joyful moment you received it forever.

Winner’s Voice

"ペンケースに変わるご祝儀袋「結姫」は、あなたの大切な気持ちがペンケースとして形を変えて伝わり続ける「贈って嬉しい 贈られて嬉しい 縁が結ばれ続けて嬉しい」製品です。かたわらにあるペンケースを手に取ると、あの幸せな瞬間が、まるで昨日のことのように蘇る。これまで無造作に捨てられていたご祝儀袋から生まれ変わったペンケースは、人を遠い幸福なときへとタイムスリップ。 「結姫」はmade in japanにこだわり、水引や和紙はもとより繊細な縫製に至るまで、県内最高水準の技術を駆使することで、手にした誰もが納得する製品に仕上がっています。思い出としてかたわらに置くもよし。幸せのおすそ分けとして身近な人にプレゼントするもよし。縁起物として受験生のだれもがお守り代わりにこのペンケースを携帯する。何時かそんなブームが湧き起こることを夢見て変わるご祝儀袋を作り続けていきます。"

Actilife inc.



2018 2nd session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
JPY2,700 - 3,600 (excluding tax)
Use: Wedding celebration (wedding present) General celebration (gift for new baby, new home, advancing education)
Number of materials and patterns: Polyester (Takasago) 10 types Cotton (Suehiro) 12 types

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