Agarwood pendant & fragrance


The fragrant wood lets you enjoy a deep, rich scent by cutting it into a very thin flat chip and burning it. This method has a very long history and was first introduced in Japan during the 6th century. The agarwood pendant & fragrance is a pendant set where fragrant wood is compressed and enclosed using a unique technique developed by an experienced woodworker, and a natural liquid fragrance made by extracting the scent from the wood. It allows you to enjoy a complex, woody scent by simply wearing the pendant or by applying the fragrance anywhere you want. Because fragrant wood is extremely rare, the product has very limited availability. Its noble woody aroma has been treasured since ancient times and will surely make you feel special.

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2018 2nd session Award for Products
Suggested price JPY300,000 (excluding tax)
*Limited sales number to be discussed
One pendant and 15ml of fragrance

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