HONMA CO., LTD. (Hokkaido)

MAMENA MACARONS is produced by a well-established company that has been producing Japanese confectioneries in Hokkaido for over 110 years. The Japanese sweet industry in general has recently suffered some serious problems: Lack of interest in anko (sweet red bean paste) among young people, and their customers reaching old age. By combining anko with macarons, a small biscuit popular for its stylish and cute appearance, this new sweet aims to change the image of anko from being conservative, old-fashioned and traditional, so that it would also spur interest in anko of young people. Made using only beans produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and created together with a chef who has served as sous chef in a prominent patisserie, the macarons come in five unique flavors. MAMENA MACARONS is a new type of sweet that can be enjoyed even by those who don’t like anko, offering new possibilities and applications for this traditional ingredient.

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2018 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Pumpkin red bean paste with orange
Kuromitsu red bean paste with lime
Sakura red bean paste with Griotte cherry
Matcha red bean paste with yuzu
Melon red bean paste with grapefruit
Set of 5 JPY1,300 (excluding tax)

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