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A new type of healthy and flavorful snack brings out the power of nori

Amid the growing worldwide awareness for healthy eating, nori (seaweed) is gaining attention as an excellent health food. However, the domestic consumption of nori has been steadily declining, which fueled the desire to develop BARATZ, a tasty snack mix of nori and nuts, to demonstrate the wonderful qualities of nori especially to younger consumers. Nori is highly nutritious, rich in fiber and proteins in addition to containing 12 types of vitamins. Also, since many of the vitamins in nori are fat soluble, their absorption efficiency is enhanced when consumed along with good quality fats such as nuts and cheese. You might be surprised at how the unique flavor of nori pairs very well with the richness of nuts and cheese — an innovative and new flavorful combination. With great taste and health benefits, this original snack will carry on the excellence of nori to the next generation.

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2018 2nd session Gold Award for Products
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