Egg bath mat

Tokyo Tamago Biyori / Nihon Mtecs Co,. Ltd.(Tokyo)

Water absorbing bath mat created from Japan’s “mottainai” spirit and traditional crafts

Eggshells are usually just thrown away once the inside is taken out. But actually, eggshells have numerous small holes called pores that allow the chick to breathe and when the shells are crushed into particles, they become extremely porous and highly water absorbent as well as quick to release moisture. The Egg Bath Mat takes advantage of these characteristics, and mixes egg shells with clay. The combination is then fired to make Mino-yaki tiles. The tiles are laid side by side to form the bath mat. The moisture-wicking power is apparent when you water on it, as you will see that the water vanishes as the mat instantly soaks it up. The textured tile surface feels comfortable to the soles of your feet and the mat is easy to care for — simply prop it against the wall and let dry in the shade. Drawing on Japan’s ancient custom of mottainai, the spirit of not letting things go to waste, this unique bath mat combines an ecological spirit with traditional Mino-yaki craft and highest quality Kishu cedar to form a truly Japanese product.

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Tokyo Tamago Biyori / Nihon Mtecs Co,. Ltd.
2018 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
M Size JPY11,000 per item
L Size JPY15,800 per item
(All excluding tax)