Ear picks made by medical device manufacturer

Sanyu medical company(Tokyo)

Ear picks made using medical-grade materials and technology for an addictively pleasant ear cleaning experience

Developed by a manufacturer specialized in providing healthcare professionals with metallic medical devices for over 40 years, these safe and functional ear picks are made applying the company’s accumulated experience and technology. Each ear pick is hand-finished by craftsmen who have years of experience in a factory specializing in medical device manufacturing. Since the tip is fitted with the same resin material as those used in stethoscope tubes, it is flexible and pleasant to scrape while still protecting against damage to the ear canal. The screw-shaped tips remove earwax from any angle, and are available in three different sizes to meet various preferences and purposes. Once you try it, you might get hooked to the pleasant experience of ear cleaning.

Winner’s Voice


Sanyu medical company
2018 2nd session Gold Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Ear pick with carrying strap JPY980
Iryo-no-waza JPY1,500
Shokunin-no-waza JPY1,500
Takumi-no-waza JPY2,000
Shokunin-takumi-no-waza JPY2,800
Iryo-shokunin-no-waza JPY2,500
(All excluding tax)