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Fried squid is beloved as a snack or as food to go with beer by people of all ages and genders. However, it is a little-known fact that more than 90% of the squid fried in Japan are produced in Kure and Onomichi cities in Hiroshima Prefecture. Lemonica was made with the aim of helping fried squid gain a wider recognition as a well-known confection originating from Hiroshima. This bite-sized fried squid snack was made with homemade lemon salt, using only lemons from Hiroshima, as the fruit is another local specialty. As you take a bite, you first feel the crisp, light texture followed by the aroma and flavor of lemon, which leaves a pleasant aftertaste. It comes in five flavors, allowing everyone – regardless of age, gender and nationality – to find a favorite one. The sophisticated and stylish packages are also photogenic, so you’ll be sure to want to share them on social media.

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Libertehonpo Co.,Ltd



2018 1st session Award for Products
W200×H150×D1-80 (mm)
White: Lemonica (lemon flavor)
Black: Japanica (wasabi soy sauce flavor)
Red: Shinica (habanero flavor)
Yellow: Curryica (curry flavor)
Green: Italyica (Margherita flavor)
Single item JPY300,
Set of 5 flavors JPY1,500
*All excluding tax

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