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Original rice gift set that also offers a unique opportunity to enjoy rice

Rice is considered a staple food in Japan. However, its consumption has been gradually declining since around 1960. SHOKUMIO PREMIUM SELECT was brought to life with the aim of sharing the values of rice with many people. It lets you create an original gift set by combining rice brands of your choice from 35 brands selected from the best rice production areas in the country. In addition to being a staple food, rice is also considered as a symbol of good luck and used in traditional rituals and ceremonies since ancient times in Japan, which makes it an ideal gift. SHOKUMIO also gives you an opportunity to encounter rare types of rice as well as to compare different tastes. By sending high-quality rice – created by skilled Japanese farmers using fine techniques and their long experience – as a gift, you are also offering an opportunity to enjoy the different tastes of rice brands, which will help people rediscover the values of rice.

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2018 1st session Award for Products
Shokumio Premium Select. You can make a package of your favorites, selecting from 35 rice brands.
Set of 1kg×3 pieces (Box Size): W380×H79×D192 (mm)
Set of 1kg×5 pieces (Box Size): W624×H79×D192 (mm)
Set of 2kg×2 pieces (Box Size): W387×H96×D245 (mm)
Set of 2kg×3 pieces (Box Size): W568×H96×D245 (mm)
Set of 1kg×3 pieces JPY3,500
Set of 1kg×5 pieces JPY5,000
Set of 2kg×2 pieces JPY4,000
Set of 2kg×3 pieces JPY6,000
*All excluding tax