fuku-fuku gauze

FICELLE inc.(Aichi)

Unforgettable softness born from unique techniques and unyielding quality

The Mikawa region in Aichi Prefecture, where Gamagori city is now located, has been historically known for its textile and weaving industry since the Edo period (1603-1868). The fuku-fuku gauze is made by using the region’s superior techniques, which have been cultivated over centuries. The secret to its soft, fluffy touch is in its layers and its weave. The six-layer gauze is woven from three different types of thread: the outer layer is woven in thin thread, and as the layer deepens, a thicker thread is used. This allows the outer layer to quickly absorb moisture while drying quickly even on humid days. Since the gauze also creates layers of air that helps to keep the warm air in on cold days, the fuku-fuku gauze can be handy all year round. To maintain such a high quality, the gauze must be woven at a very slow pace – about 2.5m per hour. This premium gauze made from such unwavering commitment will surely become an unforgettable, first-time favorite item for any baby.

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2018 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Baby size sleeper
Toddler size sleeper (around age 2 to 7)
Baby blanket
Toddler blanket
Adult blanket
Sky blue, salmon pink, champignion, merry merry, polka, cache cache, lapin lapin, mon nounours (brown), mon nounours (pink), mon nounours (blue), mon bebe cherie, BOBO, totem, cotton wool totem, 10 mois, souvenir, amezaiku, POCHO watage, POCHO konpei, Hoppetta Disney series
Sleeper JPY3,500-5,300 (excluding tax)
Blanket JPY4,000-12,000 (excluding tax)