Nursery natural aromatic skincare series -Yuzu from Kyoto-

Human Resource Communications Ltd.(Kyoto)

Cosmetics that are unique to Kyoto and support the beauty of women across the globe

Nursery natural aromatic skincare series -Yuzu from Kyoto- is a collection of basic cosmetics filled with the aroma of Japanese yuzu citrus fruit from Saga Mizuo of Kyoto, which is said to be the birthplace of yuzu cultivation in Japan. This series, produced through research and development efforts by estheticians in Kyoto, uses yuzu cultivated under extreme temperature differences, in conditions that are close to a natural environment, and without pruning. The series contains no artificial fragrances or colorings, and is made only with yuzu provided by contract farmers from Kyoto, in order to offer a unique, sharp, and fresh aroma. The popular cleansing gel, which has a pleasantly unique, jelly-like feel, is particularly appreciated by foreign guests, as similar products are hard to find in other countries. This is a basic cosmetic series unique to Japan that helps all women look their very best.

Winner’s Voice

京都のスパから生まれたナチュラルアロマティックスキンケアブランド「Nursery(ナーセリー)」。スキンケアはいつも、一日の始まりや終わりとともにあります。 疲れている中でも簡単にメイクを落とすことができ、さらには天然アロマでお肌もココロもリラックス&リフレッシュして過ごしていただきたいという気持ちから、天然由来の香りや色にこだわった「Nursery」は生まれました。なかでも、ブランドの発祥地でもある京都にちなんだ「京ゆず」シリーズは、京都・嵯峨水尾の契約農家さんが心をこめて栽培された京ゆずを使用したスキンケアシリーズです。キリッとシャープな中にも華やかさが広がる天然京ゆずの香りに包まれ、至福のスキンケアタイムをお過ごしください。

Human Resource Communications Ltd.
2018 1st session Award for Products
Genre:Daily necessities
Cleansing gel Kyoto Yuzu 180ml: JPY1,800
Body smoother Kyoto Yuzu 250g: JPY2,800
Japanese moist lotion Kyoto Yuzu 180ml: JPY1,800
Face mask Kyoto Yuzu: JPY450
Skin care cream Kyoto Yuzu 35g: JPY2,800
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