Banjo Foods Co., Ltd(Shizuoka)

Gourmet wasabi seasoning that brightens up dishes and inspires new recipes

USHIO WASABI is a gourmet seasoning crafted by a company that has been dedicated to making the best wasabi products since its founding. As soon as you put it into your mouth, you will be impressed by the unique, crispy texture of the salt from Setouchi in Okayama Prefecture and the natural deep flavor and fresh pungency of raw wasabi from Izu, Shizuoka. An enormous effort has gone into bringing this flavor about, and there were many issues to overcome – for example, preventing the salt from dissolving due to the moisture content of the wasabi. Over 1,000 samples were made over two and a half years in pursuit of an exquisite balance of wasabi and salt, while retaining the crispy texture of the salt. USHIO WASABI embodies the thoughts and efforts of the manufacturer who has been working with wasabi for many years. It is a value-added seasoning that not only brightens up dishes or drinks, but also the “moment” itself that you spend thinking all the new ways to use this seasoning.

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Banjo Foods Co., Ltd
2018 1st session Award for Products
Net weight
JPY2,000 (excluding tax)