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UjiMatcha Chocolate Crunch


Edible Uji matcha passes on the wonderful flavor of tea to the future

In an age where tea mostly comes in plastic bottles and cans, an Uji matcha sweets pioneer, concerned that people are forgetting the genuine taste of tea, created the Uji Matcha Chocolate Crunch “Cha-no-ki.” While plenty of matcha sweets are available on the market nowadays, this unique confection takes it to another level. It contains Uji matcha, specially blended by a tea artisan so it would not be overpowered by the taste of chocolate, combined with “Tansan Senbei” (carbonic acid rice cracker), a traditional snack from Arima Onsen hot springs in Hyogo Prefecture. From the first bite, you’ll be able to savor the authentic matcha flavor, including its delicate bitterness. The crunchy texture brings out more zest with every bite, almost like you are eating matcha itself. This is a sweet that will pass on the essence and genuine good taste of tea to the future – something tea in plastic bottles and cans can’t offer.

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2018 1st session Japan Post Online Shop Award
Set of 5 pieces JPY700 (excluding tax)
Set of 9 pieces JPY1,200 (excluding tax)