nijyuushisekki KAGRA (Nagano)

Miso is one of the traditional seasonings that represents Japan, but despite its long history, many people don’t realize just how many different ways it can be used. Shichifuku-miso was produced to enable more people both in Japan and abroad to easily incorporate miso into various dishes. Seven ingredients – apple, onion, ginger, garlic, sesame, goji berry and walnut (red pepper for the spicy version) – are mixed into Shinshu miso, a renowned fermented food of Nagano Prefecture, to achieve a deep, rich taste. It is a very versatile product that can be enjoyed on its own as deli miso, or as a seasoning when cooking Japanese, Chinese or Western style dishes. In addition, the unique blend achieved through trial and error offers a superb usability that guarantees best-before dates for approximately one year, without the use of artificial flavorings or preservatives. Shichifuku-miso is a new type of miso with great potential for enriching the daily diets of people around the globe.

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nijyuushisekki KAGRA



2018 1st session Award for Products
H53×Φ65 (mm)
Shichifuku-miso, Shichifuku-miso umakara (spicy)
Single item JPY648,
Gift set of 4 items JPY2,593
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