Kanjuku Juro Umeboshi


A traditional umeboshi that is a real treasure of Odawara

Umeboshi, or pickled plum, is one of Japan’s ancient foods. Traditionally, umeboshi is known for being extremely sour but many modern umeboshi products are less sour. With this in mind, Kanjuku Juro Umeboshi was produced with the aim of handing down the original sour taste of umeboshi to posterity by using “Juro” plums, which are a local specialty of Odawara city in Kanagawa Prefecture. Juro plum is characterized by its delicately thin skin, voluminous flesh and high concentrations of citric acid. Only fully ripened plums that fall naturally to the ground are used and pickled in salt, in the traditional method. As a result, the juicy flesh fills your mouth when you bite it, while the traditional sour flavor of umeboshi lingers on your tongue. Juro plums are grown only in limited locations within the city. Kanjuku Juro Umeboshi is a product that helps to protect the traditional flavor of a precious asset of the local community.

Winner’s Voice


2018 1st session Award for Products
H80×Φ150×Circumference 500 (mm)
JPY2,800 (excluding tax)