Kakuouzan soy milk gelato

sasakisyouten (Aichi)

Located in the Kakuouzan area of Nagoya, Sasaki Shouten produces tofu through meticulous attention to the quality of ingredients, such as water, beans and bittern. The tofu is characterized by its smooth, fine texture, made possible by the use of the mineral-rich local subterranean water. After considering ways to introduce this wonderful tofu to the world without worrying about freshness dates, the company came up with the idea of making it into a gelato using soymilk. About 80% of the gelato is made with rich soymilk, condensed with the sweetness of soymilk and tofu flavor at an unparalleled level. Its texture is gentle and smooth, just like tofu itself. Since gelato can be frozen and is a popular dessert worldwide, this innovative soymilk gelato will definitely open up opportunities to convey the appeal of tofu to the world.

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2018 1st session Award for Products
rich soy milk, black sesame, chocolate and matcha flavors
JPY380 (excluding tax)

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