Produced by Kuma3, a Japanese restaurant located on the Namiki-dori street in Ginza, the Heshire Cake was born from the Japanese spirit and Western learning, incorporating an original concept of Japanese authenticity. The cake is characterized by its rich butter aroma, as it is made with generous amounts of high-quality fermented butter from France. The three types of cakes are made from the finest ingredients: kuromame with large-sized Tamba kuromame (sweet black soybeans); waguri containing Tambaguri and other Japanese chestnuts; and matcha with Uji matcha and Dainagon azuki beans. The beans and chestnuts are carefully mixed into the dough by hand, a process that requires a great deal of time and effort. For this reason, only 20 pieces of each type are available per day. These luxurious sweets, which are born in Ginza and blend Japanese and Western styles, are perfect as a gift or to enjoy all on your own to complement a special moment.

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2018 1st session Omotenashi Gift Award
W85×H62×D193 (mm)
Kuromame (sweet black soybeans), Waguri (Japanese chestnut), Matcha green tea
Ginza Kuromame Heshire Cake JPY5,800,
Ginza Matcha Heshire Cake JPY6,300,
Ginza Waguri Heshire Cake JPY6,800
*All excluding tax

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